Level 2: Durban restaurant, tavern owners brace for 'rough times ahead'

Level 2: Durban restaurant, tavern owners brace for 'rough times ahead'

With drinks back on the menu, restaurants hope to see more customers return for lunch and supper.  

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They're ready to serve alcoholic beverages with meals again - under lockdown Level 2.  The alert level was relaxed at midnight. 

For Durban restaurant owners, it's exactly what they need to get back on their feet. 

Ajay Singh says safety measures are in place, but there are some concerns.

"My biggest concern is whether people themselves are still abiding by the rules which are wearing your mask, sanitizing. I still feel that there should be a bit more policies and procedures in place to make. 

"People are aware that this month there was a spike, we just hoping that in that way it doesn't stop us from going back into the levels again."

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An Umhlanga pub owner, says he's relieved government's lifted the suspension on alcohol and cigarette sales - adding they still need to replenish their stock. 

"For now, it's still rough times ahead. We are uncertain of our future. We have had zero help from the government in our sector. No help with no protocols for landlords, for rentals and we've just got a lot of bills to pay that are backlog. 

"We don't know if we are going to meet rental and wages end of the month for now, but we are allowed to open, so we have to open and have to pay rent."

Restaurants and taverns may serve alcohol on weekends and until the 10pm curfew.

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