KZNA woman due in court for R2m RAF fraud

KZN woman due in court for R2m RAF fraud

The Road Accident Fund is calling for swift justice against a suspected fraudster accused of fleecing claimants of some R2 million.

Gauteng woman handed 15-year sentence for fraud

The woman, due to appear in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, worked as a secretary for an attorney based in Hillcrest.  


Police say the 29-year-old was arrested on fraud charges on Sunday. 


The woman, who dealt with RAF claims, is alleged to have first defrauded a client of R1.6 million a year ago and lied about the Fund paying out the client's claim. 


She's facing another fraud case for allegedly issuing a fake proof of payment, worth over R400 000.


The RAF's McIntosh Polela has welcomed the arrest. 

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“Unfortunately this is a problem. A lot of time we see people who are victims of road accidents, becoming victims, again by being robbed by people who should be assisting them. 


“This is why the road accident fund has suggested to Parliament to pass a bill into law, the RAF Amendment Bill, to make it possible for lawyers to be excluded when it comes to payments on the RAF."

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