KZN toddler hoping for lifesaving cancer treatment

KZN toddler hoping for lifesaving cancer treatment

A Durban toddler living with a rare form of cancer has been given an opportunity to receive lifesaving treatment overseas. 

Ahana Dhanuk

One-year-old Ahana Dhanuk of the Bluff has been diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.


It's a cancer that develops in immature nerve tissue.


A lump was found on her back - and after tests, the parents were given the news.


"We have seen this large mess within the chest cavity. The lump that we've seen on the back was actually protruded through the chest and around the spine,” says Ahana's father, Aveen Dhanuk.


"At the time of diagnoses, it was pressing against the heart. It was quite devastating to then switch to a mode of then how we do we resolve this."  

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Aveen Dhanuk, a cancer survivor himself, says his daughter has been strong throughout the chemotherapy.


"She is doing extremely well; she is managing it extremely well."


He says a clinical trial in New York could improve the chances of survival to over 80% compared to the 30% they were told by the child's doctors.


Dhanuk says they are looking at a cost of R 7 million to get Ahana to the US for treatment.


"What it entailed, in essence is vaccination, so you would need to have eight vaccinations during the three years. You would have to travel back and forth to New York to get the vaccination and then obviously be held at the hospital for evaluations and tests, et cetera. Then fly back and then continue those eight times across the next three years."


A Cancer Walk/Run to raise funds towards Ahana's treatment has been organised by The Bluff Athletic Club and Harriers AC for later this month. 

 You can the details of the event at:

Bluff Athletic Club

Ahana`s Fight Against Cancer


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