KZN school feeding debacle: 'People need to be fired'

KZN school feeding debacle: 'People need to be fired'

The KZN Parents' Association says it's hoping to meet with provincial education officials soon to discuss the recent bungling of the school feeding programme.

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The group's Vee Gani says they've written to the department to request a meeting. 


Among other things, they want an update on the state of the province's School Nutrition Programme, following claims there isn't enough food to supply meals to 5444 schools on the list. 


KZN Education confirmed over a week ago that children were not receiving food parcels due to glitches.

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 The premier has ordered a probe into the programme, while the Department of Basic Education's also stepping in to find out what exactly happened. 


"Far too often in the education industry, we see many people who have done things and are promoted or moved laterally somewhere else without accountability. We need to hold people accountable; people need to be fired. 


"In a normal corporate setting, if you didn't do your job you will be relieved of your duties, so in this particular instance if people didn't do their job they should be let go."

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