KZN medic recounts being shot at in Midlands protests
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KZN medic recounts being shot at in Midlands protests

A KZN paramedic has recounted his harrowing experience of being caught in the violent unrest in the Midlands last night - including coming under fire - after a mob took to the streets following the arrest of nine people during a land invasion, in Howick.

Ryan King

Thirty-one-year-old Ryan King - who is the Director of St Michael's Ambulance Service - was en route to an accident scene in Impendle, when he first came upon the protesters on the R617.

"I was very very suddenly surrounded by hundreds of protesters, burning tyres in the road. I managed to get my vehicle over their barricade across the road - to the opposite side of the road - but I was ultimately trapped and I could no longer proceed to that emergency," he says.

Several hours later, police managed to disperse the crowd and King was able to start heading home but while travelling along the N3, he came upon another mob.

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He says the group threw burning tyres in front of his vehicle, forcing him to swerve out of the way and stop on the side of the road.

He jumped out of his vehicle, onto the highway, and fled down an embankment.

"The 30 odd came down the embankment further towards me and they were shooting at me. I am one of those paramedics who does carry a concealed firearm and I was forced to use it. I believe sincerely that had I not retaliated, that I don't think I would be alive today. They were quite literally after me".

King ended up being hospitalised for smoke inhalation and suffered other minor injuries but is now recovering.

Listen to the full interview with him, below:

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