KZN Health says no outbreak of swine flu, confirms one death

KZN Health says no outbreak of swine flu, confirms one death

KZN Health's urging people not to panic - saying there isn't an outbreak of H1N1 in the province.


MEC Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu's been speaking after a nine-year-old Pietermaritzburg girl displayed symptoms of the virus, before her death last week. 

"We decided to get involved and get an autopsy. However, the family had to also be taken in because there was a two-year-old child that was also sick. We have been investigating the matter. We are informed that the child was released from hospital. We received results coming from the lab that were indicating that he tested positive for H1N1," Simelane-Zulu said. 

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Simelane-Zulu's asked that people not panic but says that schools need to exercise caution.

"We are expecting the schools to isolate those cases that are affected because [within a period of] four days - it's still infectious. After that, it stops being infectious if treated correctly. We want to call on everyone to exercise restraint. The We are going to be causing serious hysteria which is not going to be sustainable."

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