JUST IN: Verulam man slapped with 9 life terms for rape of stepdaughter

JUST IN: Verulam man slapped with 9 life terms for rape of stepdaughter

The Verulam man who has been found guilty of repeatedly raping his stepdaughter has been handed nine life terms by the Durban High Court.

Verulam step-father
Nushera Soodyal

The man was also convicted of human trafficking and sexual grooming offences, among others. 

The girl was nine-years-old at the time of the attacks.

Reading out her lengthy sentence, Judge Mohini Moodley said the man showed no empathy towards the child, moving her from one home to another. Preventing her from having any communication with other children or her community.

She said she found it troubling that with three young biological daughters of his own, the accused felt nothing for the survivor but instead exposed her to pornography and recruited others to groom her.

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Judge Moodley said the now 46-year-old man was driven by his own ego and lies. This was evident in how he once stormed out of the witness box and hurled abuse and threats in court while claiming to be the victim of betrayal.

She said although a first time offender - rehabilitation was out of the equation as once a heinous crime is committed repeatedly to such an extent, then the safety of the community takes priority.

Over and above the life terms, the man has been slapped with a further 173-year sentence. They will all run concurrently.

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