It's World Rhino Day!

It's World Rhino Day!

Today is World Rhino Day and conservationists say the demand for the animal's horn has seen attempts by poaching syndicates escalate in KwaZulu Natal.  


According to August's statistics, 61 rhino have already been poached in the province this year.  

A total of 749 of the animals have been slaughtered across the country.  

The general manager for Rhino Security in KZN says increased poaching attempts form just one of the many challenges rangers face while on duty.

Ezemvelo-KZN Wildlife's Cedric Coetze says rangers often spend nights alone in the parks putting their lives at risk. 

He says support from the general public can help turn the tide on poaching.

''I think all the support that the rangers can get will make it all the benefit. It's [lonely] work sitting out there in the middle of the night waiting for people to come into the bush over the fence at night.  

''They need all the support they can get. We also have a number of community programmes that we run,'' he said.

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