ISS: Crime stats paint bleak picture of SA

ISS: Crime stats paint bleak picture of SA

The Institute for Security Studies says the latest crime stats paint a bleak picture of the state of public safety in our country.


Murder and armed robbery numbers have risen for the eighth consecutive year and most recently by 37% and 43% respectfully. KZN's murder rate is up 10.6 percent the highest in the country.

The institute’s been reacting to the 2019/2020 crime stats released by the police minister yesterday.

Lizette Lancaster says police need to adopt a localised evidence-based strategy.‬

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"To target the place where these activities take place and times. For instances we know half of murders occur over the weekend, so authorities are those places then we can reduce those kind of crimes", she said.

She says it is alarming that vigilantism, revenge killings and arguments contribute to most of the murders recorded in KZN.

"It shows levels of trust towards the police are low and people would rather take matters in their own hands", Lancaster said.

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