Irregularities found in KZN Edu sanitary towel programme

Irregularities found in KZN Edu sanitary towel programme

A forensic report has revealed irregularities in KZN Education's multimillion-rand sanitary towel programme.

Kwazi Mshengu coronavirus

The initiative began with a pilot phase in 2016 at a cost of R20 million and was meant to help schoolgirls in poor parts of KZN.

A year later - the department poured in more money into it - totaling R129 million. 

But allegations soon surfaced the products weren't reaching the intended schools or pupils.

Some were said to be sitting at district offices due to oversupply. 

MEC Kwazi Mshengu shared some of the findings of the report today. 

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"In determining the number of girl learners to benefit led us to for the need of analysis or any evaluations of the pilot project, that the department was misled in approving the procurement of unnecessary sanitary towels. "

In one of the meetings, by the people who were involved in managing the programme. 

He added that each surplus stock was identified and a decision was made to deliver the supplies to the districts and head office. 

"However in the submission made to the HODs subsequently, the number of girls to benefit remained unchanged." 

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