IPID to probe Joburg police brutality video

IPID to probe Joburg police brutality video

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) will investigate a video of alleged police brutality by Douglasdale police after a video purporting to show this did the rounds.


"A case has been opened by the complainant. Numerous charges will be added after we have reviewed the video footage," said Douglasdale police spokesperson Warrant Officer Balan Muthan.

The video, titled Police brutality hits again! Secret video footage, Douglasdale SAPS , purports to show two men in an exchange with two men in blue, and a police vehicle in the background bearing the Douglasdale police marking.

Using the pseudonyms Anton and Shane, the two men share their story. Their faces are shadowed in the video.

WARNING: The video below is not for sensitive viewers.


Shane said he thought it happened because: "We are two young guys and also I think it's because we're white."

Muthan said everybody at the Douglasdale Police Station was very upset by the video and the two in it have been identified by the acting station commander.

 "The community must not paint the whole of Douglasdale police with the same brush, and must remember it is just an allegation at the moment," he said.

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But, a full investigation will be done and IPID will decide whether they should be suspended, with, or without a salary while the investigation runs.

There has been no arrest.


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