International links of alleged genital 'collector' probed

International links of alleged genital 'collector' probed

The investigation into the gruesome discovery, the sexual organs of 21 women in Bloemfontein might soon look into the international ties of the accused. 

EC police seek assistance identifying dead woman
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The 63-year-old Danish man appeared briefly in the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court yesterday facing charges of sexual assault, contravening the health act by storing human tissue and intimidation. 

The parts were found in the freezer of the man's home. Various medication and surgical equipment were also seized.

The suspect, who owns a gun shop, has told Danish media he got some of the medication, such as the local anaesthetics, from his Bloemfontein doctor. 

It is however emerged that the accused used his international links to order some of the medical necessities. 

The Danish national is said to have drugged his victims, before illegally operating on them.

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