Impounded minibuses lead to Durban taxi strike

Impounded minibuses lead to Durban taxi strike

The KwaZulu-Natal branch of the South African National Taxi Council is warning taxi commuters in and around Durban to make alternative transport arrangements this afternoon.


A large number of its members are striking today, after about 300 vehicles, including minibuses, mettred taxis, municipal and private buses were impounded by the eThekwini municipality yesterday over route permits. 

The association's Yusuf Khaliva says the taxi drivers fear that if they are on the roads today, more taxis will be impounded, requiring them to pay a fine of R3 000 for the release of each vehicle. 

Khaliva has expressed surprise at the municipality's move, saying as far as they are aware, talks about on the matter were ongoing.

"Even the last time we said, if there are any changes [from the city's side], inform us as to say that 'we'll begin to impound taxis because of one, two and three,' so that we can inform our associations about what is going on.

"We inform our owners that there's a process that is taking place at the moment [but then] the following day, the city just gets up and [does] whatever they feel like doing. We find it to be very, very unfair," he said. 

Earlier this year, a protest by taxi drivers turned violent in the Durban CBD after minibuses belonging to SANTACO members were impounded.

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