IEC gears up for 2016 local elections

IEC gears up for 2016 local elections

Election officials say the 2016 Local Government elections will be held sometime between May 18 and August 16.

File photo: Gallo Images

The Independent Electoral Commission's Mawethu Mosery has been briefing the media in Durban today on the state of readiness ahead of the poll. 

Mosey says since the last local polls in 2011 the number of municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal has dropped from 61 to 54 following a decision by the Demarcation Board in 2013 to merge some of them.

''It is a matter that was discussed and a number of community representatives were contacted - so as the commission we have started to work in terms of those new outer municipal boundaries as if they already are in place in order for us to be able to produce a good result in those areas as well,'' he said.

(File photo: Gallo Images)

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