IEC: Approximately 800 000 special votes to be cast

IEC: Approximately 800 000 special votes to be cast

The Independent Electoral Commission will begin its second batch of voting tomorrow. 

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Photo: Marius van der Walt, JacarandaFM News

Some 800 000 South Africans will be able to make special votes. This after citizens living abroad left their mark a week ago. The IEC says the elderly, sick, disabled and pregnant voters will be visited at their homes if they applied for a special vote.

Chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo says the number of registered special votes is around double the 2014 figure.

"The second body of votes - which is special votes - will be cast on Monday and Tuesday where voting officials will make home visits for those who are sick, disable or pregnant", he said.

"These votes will be accompanied by votes from those who will be absent from their voting districts on election day", Mamabolo said.

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