Over a hundred killed in Paris terror attacks

Over a hundred killed in Paris terror attacks

There has been multiple shootings in Paris in which over a hundred have been killed overnight.

Hundreds killed in Paris terror attacks

The first reports of trouble came from a restaurant where a man is reported to have opened fire and killed 14 people.

A suicide bomber then detonated an explosion at the Stade de France, where three people died. Thousands had been inside the stadium watching a football match between France and Germany.

Several other locations in the city were targeted, including the Bataclan concert hall, where as many as 120 were killed. Police say two gunmen blew themselves up at the venue where a rock metal band were playing.

France has declared a state of national emergency following the incident which has killed as many as 160 people.

The city's prosecutor says eight attackers have died - seven of them in suicide bombings.

French president Francois Hollande says he has closed the country's borders and deployed the military.

See scenes captured during the attack - including the moment the bombs went off at the stadium where France and Germany were playing an international match - below. 

(File photo: Getty Images)

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