Howick man killed during alleged farm robbery

Howick man killed during alleged farm robbery

A 50-year-old Howick man has been killed following an apparent robbery on his farm.

Farm gate

Police say the man was at his home in the early hours of Friday morning when he was attacked by three suspects.

He was stabbed multiple times and died later in hospital.

They also robbed him of his valuable items such as cellphone, firearm, TV and laptops before fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

Officers say they found a female employee who says she heard noises and went to investigate before finding the attackers stabbing the man.

She says she was tied up and locked in another room - but managed to break free and call for help.

Kevin Barnsley who represents the Howick Landowners Association has urged the community to not share unverified information regarding the murder.

“We are all very emotional but have to stay calm and let the process take place that needs to take place, be sensitive to the family and friends,” Barnsley said.

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