Home Affairs to ensure cellphone policy is carried out

Home Affairs to ensure cellphone policy is carried out

The Department of Home Affairs says it has strict measures in place to ensure their cellphone policy, prohibiting the use of mobile phones by front office workers, is implemented and remains in place. 


Video footage of officials from Tongaat Home Affairs on their phones and not helping customers went viral on social media last week. The department says the employees were slapped with written warnings. 

It also said the office had been experiencing a power failure at the time and that staff could not assist clients. Home Affair's Siya Qoza says they will ensure officials adhere to the policy.

"We do not view this in a good light. We do have a policy and that policy prohibits the use of cellphones by front office staff when they are serving customers. The [employees] have been dealt with in line with that policy which is why they have been given warnings," Qoza said. 

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