Elections 2024: Holomisa vows to rope in private sector to solve energy crisis

Elections 2024: Holomisa vows to rope in private sector to solve energy crisis

United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa believes a public-private partnership model is the solution to the country's energy crisis.

Bantu Holomisa
Anastasi Mokgobu

Holomisa told UDM supporters on Saturday that the government should sell 49% of Eskom to the private sector while keeping a majority of 51%.

He unveiled the party’s election manifesto at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on Saturday.

Holomisa told some 1500 supporters that the ANC's failure to maintain Eskom's infrastructure is one proof of its failure over the past 30 years.

"For almost fifteen years now, South Africa has been experiencing debilitating power failures due to the ANC government’s refusal and failure to invest in new power stations in order to keep up with the energy needs of our economy.

“It is astounding that since 2008, no successful plans have been made to dig South Africa out of this energy quagmire.

“The ANC government’s unwillingness to resolve loadshedding is responsible for the rise in poverty and unemployment.

“This unwillingness is not surprising given the fact that the nascent ruling elite was bought off through BEE schemes many years ago and they have used the ill-gotten gains to insulate themselves from loadshedding," said Holomisa.

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The UDM was one of the political parties which turned to the courts to force Eskom to scrap load shedding at essential facilities such as hospitals and schools.

Holomisa said if his party get anything close to governance after the 29 May elections,  he will advocate for the private sector to be roped in to assist Eskom in dealing with the energy challenges.

" A UDM government’s role shall be to ensure that all stakeholders in the industry have maximum possible access to the grid and in this respect an electricity regulator shall have an important role to play.

“Given the challenge that South Africa has lost much of its expertise and, we will propose a public/private partnership model for the privatisation of Eskom where government holds a 51% stake in the entity for the people of South Africa," he said.

While the party's support has declined in every elections since 1999, Holomisa said the 2024 elections will likely result in a government of national unity, with no party the outright winner.

"It will be the moment when the people of South Africa will regain their number one position on the national agenda," he said.

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