Heritage Day: Celebrating being uniquely South African

Heritage Day: Celebrating being uniquely South African

South Africa is home to 57,7 million people - distinctive in their identities and beliefs. It's also a country uniquely of 11 official languages. 

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 As South Africans mark Heritage Day today, it's a national public holiday to celebrate our diversity as a nation. 

The first Heritage Day in South Africa was celebrated on 24 September 1995, endorsed by SA's first democratically-elected government. 

Prior to that - the day was known as Shaka Day in KZN, in honour of Zulu King, Shaka.

While National Braai Day was coined in 2005 - recognising the country's culinary tradition of braais or chisa nyamas - the informal barbeque hosted in the backyard of homes. 

Today South Africans, political parties and local organizations have shared messages on social media - on their unique views on Heritage Day. 

What does the day mean to you? How will you celebrate Heritage Day? Share your messages and pictures with us on [email protected], or tweet @ECR_Newswatch.

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