Helen Suzman Foundation wants Bain & Company banned in SA

Helen Suzman Foundation wants Bain & Company banned in SA

The Helen Suzman Foundation has called on government to ban the US-based consultancy giant Bain & Company. 

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This follows the ban of the consultancy firm by the United Kingdom government on Wednesday.

Britain banned the company for three years after it became enmeshed in a huge corruption scandal in South Africa under the Jacob Zuma administration.

Bain is being barred from competing in bids for central government consultancy work for three years, effective from January 4 this year.

The foundation's Nicole Fritz said they are worried as to why government has not taken a similar decision.

"We as civil society groups are exploring ways in which US laws like the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act might be applied to secure criminal penalties against Bain. But South Africans must wonder why their own government has taken no equivalent action."

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"It is to be welcomed indeed that corporate actors who sought to enrich themselves from South African state capture earn global shame. But it sends the most troubling message if the stiffest penalties they earn are from authorities other than our own."

Meanwhile, the South African Federation of Trade Unions called for the prosecution of Bain.

"We call on the government to hold Bain & Co accountable for their role in the bigger plan of dismantling SARS, which has, unfortunately, cost the fiscus 15% between 2015/16 and 2017/18 financial years and witnessed an increase in illicit activities of 30% during that period. 

"The government must prohibit Bain & Co from doing business in South Africa, in both the private and public sectors," said SAFTU Spokesperson Trevor Shaku.


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