Happy birthday Tata!

Happy birthday Tata!

It's Mandela Day today and South Africans as well as people from across the world are being encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes of their day to some form of community service activity in honour of the 67 years Former President Nelson Mandela gave to human rights and the struggle for social justice.

Happy birthday Tata!
Khatija Nxedlana

Bill Gates delivered the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Pretoria last night.

He says to give a lecture on Nelson Mandela is a great honour.

"I'm thrilled that the theme of the lecture this year is living together. It's fitting because in many ways living together was also the theme of Nelson Mandela's life.

"The system he fought against was based on the opposite idea, that people should be kept apart, that our superficial differences are more important than our common humanity.

"Today South Africans are still striving to live together in the fuller sense but you are so much closer to that ideal because Nelson Mandela and so many others believes in the promise of one South Africa" he said.

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