Guns, ammunition seized in KZN police operation

Guns, ammunition seized in KZN police operation

Gun Free South Africa has welcomed a seven-day police operation in KZN in which 37 firearms and 114 rounds of ammunition were seized. 

 Illegal guns seized in Muden raids

The organisation's Adele Kirsten says more intelligence driven operations, covering a greater number of areas, need to be carried out to remove illegal guns from the streets. 

Kirsten says such operations also give them data on criminal activity and firearms, saying the majority of the weapons seized were handguns. 

She says this could show they're being stolen to commit crimes.

"It helps understand that this is the weapon of choice. We've known that for quite a while but it confirms that. We see an increase use of things like R1 and R5 - which is military armoury. The handgun will mainly come from either come from rank and file or civilians," she said.  

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