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Gordhan orders Eskom managers to cancel leave, monitor power stations

All senior managers at Eskom have been asked to cancel their leave, as Stage Two load shedding continues around the country.

Pravin Gprdhan

The beleaguered power utility has called a press conference - to explain what the problems at Eskom  Megawatt Park in Johannesburg, what has caused them and what the plan of action is.

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan says consumers are feeling the effects of State Capture and the reality that the country's old power stations that are operating.

Gordhan discussed some of the steps being taken to address the issues. 

"All senior managers within Eskom have enough to cancel their leave. They have also been assigned to power stations to go there personally to understand what's actually happening at a power station level so that we actually have both qualitative and quantitative information and can give the country certain assurances. Right now, all we have is a set of objective," he said. 

UPDATE: Stage Two rotational #loadshedding for today

Gordhan says Eskom is not doing well operationally.

He says we are feeling the effects of state capture and the reality that the country's operating power stations are old. He says currently, demand is higher than what Eskom is producing - adding the units that are operating at the country's two new powers stations are not producing enough.

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