Fuel price to drop in March

Fuel price to drop in March

The Department of Energy confirms the price of petrol and diesel will decrease in March.

Cost of fuel to come down this December
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The price of both grades of petrol will drop by 8 cents a litre, while the price of diesel will decrease by 2 cents a litre.

Paraffin will be 10 cents cheaper per litre and LP gas will drop 2 cents per kilogramme.

"The main reason for these decreases is the strengthening of the Rand against the US Dollar, which cushioned the prices by about 13 cents a litre," explains Energy Department spokesperson Robert Maake.

He says the fuel and Road Accident Fund (RAF) levies will only be implemented in April.

"Next month, when we announce for April, we will include the levies," says Maake.

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