Foetus found in storm drain in KZN

Foetus found in storm drain in KZN

Officers from the police's Search and Rescue Unit have recovered a foetus from a storm water drain in Mpumalanga Township, west of Durban.

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Newborn baby feet / Pixabay

Police spokesperson, Thembeka Mbele says the body was found about two metres into the drain this morning.

"Police recovered a plastic bag containing the foetus from a storm water drain in the Mpumalanga area. A case of concealment of birth has been opened for investigation. There are no arrests at the moment and police are busy with the investigation," Mbele said. 

The discovery comes just two weeks after a new-born baby girl was pulled out of a storm water drain in Newlands East after a resident heard her cries.

Various emergency services teams and municipal workers worked feverishly to bring the child out safely.

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Doctors who examined the infant said it was a miracle that she had survived. The little girl is said to be doing well.

A woman, understood to be the baby's mother, was arrested after arriving at a health facility with postpartum complications.

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