Family of Durban man missing at sea refuse to lose hope

Family of Durban man missing at sea refuse to lose hope

The sister of a Durban man who's been missing since a ski-boat incident on Youth Day says her family has not given up hope of finding him alive.

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The vessel Christopher Perumal and eight other men were capsized off Durban's Vetchies Beach. 


According to the NSRI, it appears the boat suffered engine failure before drifting out through the Durban Port entrance.


Perumal was the only person who went missing. 

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 "It's devastating because he's my oldest brother, my mother’s first born," says his sister Colleen Naya.


"My parents have taken it very badly, As the days go by, every morning when the sun comes out and every night when it gets dark, there are so many different scenarios that go through our minds. 


"We think, maybe someone found him, maybe he's in hospital. So it makes it a whole lot difficult and sadder, there are no words to explain it."


She says they've been searching everywhere for the father of two. 


"They have been phoning hospitals, even on the first day. Whichever way can try and search for him we have been doing that. It makes it very difficult in this situation knowing that it is just a wait for a phone call to say Christopher is here. And if he has drowned he would surface and that's what we are waiting for."

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