Explosion at PMB substation delivers second blow for residents

Explosion at PMB substation delivers second blow for residents

There is a lot on the plates of Msunduzi residents.

Msunduzi substation explosion
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For the past couple of days - they have been living with a haze of landfill fire smoke that's filled the air.

Now, some communities are expected to be without electricity for a few days - following an explosion at one of the substations in the city.

Municipal spokesperson, Thobeka Mafumbatha says the blast caused severe damage.

"Yesterday [Thursday], one of our substation blew off. There was an explosion at Mason's Primary Substation last night. 

"The areas that are affected include Mason Mills (Makro Areas, Kemps Drift), Umgeni Water Pump Station, Scottsville Extension, the Grange, Westgate, Afrox, Eden Garden Private Hospital, Somta Tools, Ridge Park, Richmond Crest, and some parts of Pelham."

"We are unsure at this stage when the power will be restored. Msunduzi Teams are busy accessing the damage," says Mafumbatha. 

Meanwhile, the City's locals are wondering when the landfill fire that's been burning since Monday will be put out.

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"The fire is almost out. It's just the smoke as a result of what has been done in terms of putting out the fire. We are anticipating that it should be completed by the end of this week, but we will keep the public updated," says Mafumbatha. 

The thick smoke caused zero visibility on the N3 near the New England site on Friday morning - leading to the road being closed.

Mafumbatha explains the smoke is from the firefighting efforts.

"This was due to the fact that as they are putting out the fire the smoke is gathering and because of the fog combined with the mist in the morning it what was causing the situation to look aggravated but the firefighters are doing everything that they can to put out the fire."

Scottsville resident, Jeesan Vather says he hasn't been able to leave his home because of the high traffic volume.

"Visibility is down to just about a meter, you can see just about in front of your vehicle. I do have to get out, but I had to get back home, so it's almost impossible to get out of the area because of the back-to-back traffic leading out of the residential area."

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