Expat in COVID-19 hit Italy: 'I would hate to see this happen in SA'

Expat in COVID-19 hit Italy: 'I would hate to see this happen in SA'

A Durban woman living in Italy and in lockdown there has urged South Africans to take the gatherings regulations announced by government seriously to avoid a situation like Italy's.

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Andi Van Zyl spoke to Newswatch from her home in Rome - as the Italian government tightens the rules of confinement by closing all green spaces.

"Please take it seriously. It is so intense, I would hate to see this happen in South Africa, it would be devastating. The number of deaths and infections are terrifying in Italy."

"This virus spreads like wildfire and affects so many - it's not just the elderly; it's not one kind of population. It will affect the entire country."

Italians have been in lockdown for nearly two weeks.

Italy has recorded 59 138 COVID-19 cases, 5 476 people have died of the disease. 

On Sunday alone, 651 deaths were reported, fewer than Saturday's 793 fatalities.

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Van Zyl says even with Italy's good medical infrastructure and largely free healthcare, their hospitals aren't coping.

"There are no ventilators, so Italy is having to get ventilators to come in from other countries. But in the meantime, people are dying. People are suffering."

"The medical health care professionals are at their complete end. It's a really serious situation. If there is anything that South Africans can do it's to stay at home, self-isolate and don't see anyone."

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