Eskom warns risk of Stage 1 load shedding high

Eskom warns risk of Stage 1 load shedding high

KZN residents are being alerted to an increased risk of Stage 1 rotational load shedding from 2pm to 10pm today.

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The risk of scheduled power cuts is in place for today, tomorrow and is said to continue until the end of the weekend. 

In a statement, Eskom says their emergency reserves - that's diesel and water - need to be replenished. 

"While the risk remains high, load shedding will only be implemented if absolutely necessary. We remind customers that load shedding is a controlled measure which protects the power system from a total collapse or blackout," the statement further reads.  

The power utility said yesterday evening their power system remains tight. 

Find the eThekwini load shedding schedule here.

Residents are being urged to continue switching off non-essential appliances to help reduce demand. 

You can access the Umhlathuze (including Richards Bay) schedule here.

If supplied directly by Eskom, follow this link

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