Eskom releases year-end financial report

Eskom releases year-end financial report

We will today find out whether or not Eskom's finances have taken a knock following a year characterised by power and leadership crises.


The power utility is releasing its year-end financial report at its Johannesburg headquarters this morning. 

Energize magazine Editor, Roger Lilley says he is expecting a R3.6-billion profit to be announced.

"Despite the fact that they keep asking for more money from the tariff, they still seem to be able to make a profit, even though they're burning a lot of diesel to keep the lights on," he said. 

Lilley says it will be interesting to find out how the surplus came about given the organisation has often said it is running out of money.

"Eskom don't seem to really be able to manage their financial affairs at the moment. They suspended their financial director, just a month ago now they've taken on someone who's been seconded to them from Postnet to handle their financial affairs," he said.

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