Environmentalists raise concern over PPE pollution

Environmentalists raise concern over PPE pollution

The need for masks, latex gloves, and other single-use PPEs to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has increased but environmentalists say they are not being properly disposed of.

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Greenpeace Africa's Climate and Energy Campaigner, Nhlanhla Sibisi says PPEs are vital in the fight against the coronavirus, especially for those on the frontlines.

But he says we need a proper disposal system to deal with these, the wet wipes and hand sanitiser bottles after their use.

He says in most cases and of recently we have seen with activists that have been doing cleanups - they are now seeing those gloves ending up on the beaches.

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 "This means that without having a proper system in place to dispose and recycle just like we see with plastics, the items are ending up in the environment and in our waterways whether it is on land, sea, or rivers," he added. 

Sibisi believes its not only consumers who must take responsibility for lessening the impact of these items on the environment.

"The producers of these items should have thought of what's the best way it can be recyclable so we need to create a holistic system where government, consumers to ensure there is a proper system put in place," he said. 

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