Energy experts weigh in on potential new nuclear deal

Energy experts weigh in on potential new nuclear deal

Energy experts have been weighing in on plans to create a new nuclear power plant in the country. 

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa recently approved a deal for a 2 500 MW plant. 


It's waiting for the green light from the National Treasury. 


The DA challenged Nersa's approval in court, citing procedural and administrative irregularities in the process. 


Dr Kelvin Kemm, CEO of Nuclear Africa, believes nuclear energy is the most sustainable energy solution for the country.


"Nuclear is the cleanest, greenest, safest and cheapest electricity on the planet. I am personally not opposed to solar and wind, where they are used appropriately, which means you should use wind to pump water into tanks because you can't run a country on solar and wind. You need a base load, and that is nuclear. As coal moves away, then nuclear power will take over."

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But Siya Myeza, a climate and energy expert from Greenpeace Africa, says there is no sustainable way to address nuclear power's harmful effects.  


He says no technologies exist to safely dispose of nuclear toxins.


"Nuclear energy is portrayed as the cleanest energy because we don’t see the emissions. No one talks about the toxic waste that is produced during the production of nuclear energy, and that is where the conversation on the environment and sustainability sits. The long-term effects of nuclear are disastrous and not a solution when we have clean, renewable energy and minimal to zero waste."

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