End of captive breeding ‘will help battle against poaching’

End of captive breeding ‘will help battle against poaching’

The Endangered Wildlife Trust says the phased ending of the captive breeding sector could help improve the poaching crisis. 


Minister of the Environment Barbara Creecy unpacked the policy position on elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros conservation in Cape Town on Wednesday.


The new policy was approved by cabinet.


Ashleigh Dore from Wildlife Trust says the action for implementation of the bill requires a species recovery plan that considers the poaching crisis.

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"And the potential need for breeding rhinos in controlled environments for conservational purposes to be developed. It calls for engagement and consultation with stakeholders to develop a strategy for the conservational rhinos and specifically create policy certainty in relation to the international trade of rhinos. 


“And we believe that these actions, amongst the others that are here, do create a constructive foundation to govern rhino in the country.


Simon Jones from the organisation Helping Rhino believes closing down the industry is a good thing in the long term.


"Keeping wildlife wild will help in terms of South Africa's image around the world, to stop seeing the images of captive bred lions and captive bred rhinos.


“The important thing is looking at what that does in terms of the future of the species, where can we find a secure and safe future for these animals to live?" 

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