Durban student lands first gig at US tech giant, Microsoft

Durban student lands first gig at US tech giant, Microsoft

A young Durban-born Information Technology student, who's been awarded a once in a lifetime opportunity at Microsoft, says he wants to use the opportunity to advance African youth development. 

Gomolemo Mohapi

Gomolemo Mohapi, 22, is a fourth-year student at the Durban University of Technology. 

Mohapi landed his first job at the tech company based in Seattle, Washington, as a Programme Manager. 

He says he built his relationship with the company while volunteering as a Microsoft Student Partner in 2016.

"Our plan for the next couple of months is to streamline some of the beginner content that we see on the Internet so that it is accessible, attainable and easy to use for people who want to learn about the power platform.

"I will be in charge of focusing on the student side," says Mohapi. 

He says he wants to see this Africa grow in technology.

"My focus area is Africa as well as other parts of the world, where other organisations may have overlooked because of a number of factors. You will find that these areas are the places that possess the greatest potential."

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