Durban school confesses to fielding overage rugby players

Durban school confesses to fielding overage rugby players

A Durban school has admitted to inadvertently fielding overage rugby players.

Glenwood Preparatory School

In a letter to parents today, Glenwood Preparatory School confirmed the pupils in question had used fake documentation to lie about their age.

It says the two boys were 15-years-old when they played for the school's under-12 team. 

Both players then went on to represent the province at the U13 Craven Week - which KZN won last year.

Noel Ingle is Glenwood Prep's principal and the head of the SA Schools Rugby Association.

He's told Newswatch the revelation has shocked the school's rugby fraternity.

"I'm devastated. I'm trying to get over the shock, and it's a disappointment to my school. It's a disappointment to rugby. We are certainly going to look at measures that we can put in place."

Ingle believes there are more overage players in the system, and that the rugby community needs to safeguard children. 

"At the moment these are schoolboys. We have to also protect them. Something has happened to push these boys or someone to do this. As much as they are guilty, they are children."

The KZN Rugby Union has confirmed it's launching its own investigation.

The union has released this statement on the matter: 

"Our stance on the issue is clear.  We condemn any form of cheating and as custodians of rugby in the province, we remain committed to preserving and upholding the values of the game and presenting every opportunity for all young girls and boys to participate in our sport."

"We congratulate the two principals from Glenwood Prep and Glenwood High for the decisive and swift action taken and will work with all the schools in our province in an effort to ensure that this sort of behaviour is eradicated."

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