Durban residents fuming over pungent chemical leak

Durban residents fuming over pungent chemical leak

A company that stores oil and chemicals has confirmed that a leak at its site - on the Bluff - was the cause of pungent fumes that plagued residents in the area as well as Merewent.  

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Vopak says the stench was due to a leakage of ethyl acrylate - which is used in the production of plastics and rubber. 

But the Dutch multinational group says the leak - at the weekend - was immediately stopped. It's apologised to residents -- who may've experienced discomfort. 

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It's assured them their health won't be affected long term. 

Residents took to social media to complain about the smell and the symptoms they were experiencing.  

Bluff resident, Youandi Gilian says the chemical smell left them with itchy eyes and a cough. 

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"The smell came in, and at first I thought it was the neighbour's painting and then It became extremely strong.

"As for myself and even the children - we have 15 kids in at the house - they were all starting to cough, they were itchy, had sore chests and burning eyes," she says. 

Irene Fynn says it was overwhelming. 

"I was smelling the smell, and it was very pungent - almost gaseous and very overwhelming," she says

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