Durban musician, Holly Rey graduates with distinction

Durban musician, Holly Rey graduates with distinction

It'll be a feather in the cap of thousands of graduates from the University of KwaZulu-Natal who're receiving their diplomas over the next week and a bit.

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The first of this graduation season's ceremonies at the university has taken place today.

The university says women are the majority of the over 9 600 graduates.

One of them is local house singer, Holly Wasserfall known as Holly Rey.

She graduated with an honours degree - cum laude - in Media and Communications at UKZN last night. 

She says it was tough but worth it.

The singer - who is known for her hit track 'Deeper" - researched gender-based inequality in local soapie, Uzalo.

Wasserfall says she based her research on Uzalo as it's one of the biggest soapies in the country.

"I thought how is gender-based inequality being communicated to the media - and soaps in particular. And we need to look at the biggest soaps that are out there. Uzalo is that. Soaps play such a big role in people's lives in terms of informing their decisions and actions in life. It was important for me to look at how it relates to gender-based inequality and violence in particular." 

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