Durban mum faces burglar to protect daughter

Durban mum faces burglar to protect daughter

In a desperate effort to keep a male intruder away from her 10-year-old daughter, a Durban woman ripped the burglar guard from the wall and beat her attacker with it relentlessly until he fell out of the window.

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“I couldn’t let him get into my house and anywhere near my daughter,” Waterfall resident Michele Mayer, 49, explained of her incentive to fight back. She was awoken to the sound of a home invader kicking in the burglar guards on her bedroom window on Sunday night.

In an exclusive interview, the self-employed mother of two relived the night she overpowered the man who was trying to force his way inside her home.

“It was on Sunday night and it was just my daughter and I in the house while my husband and son were driving back from a trip. I had been asleep and then there was this loud banging noise. I woke up and saw this guy kicking in the burglar guard. Two kicks and it was dangling off the wall,” she said.

“He climbed through the window and onto a little desk and he was fumbling with the guard trying to get it off the window, and that is when I attacked him,” she said.

Mayer fearlessly flung herself at the man.

“I just took the metal burglar guard and started beating him in the face with it as hard as I could. I must have hit him about ten times as we struggled. Eventually he fell out of the window and ran away.”

“The struggle was real, because I have bruises on my arms and legs. My first thought had been protecting my daughter. I was always going to fight. I don’t even remember thinking about what I would do if he got inside.

“I could not let him get any further into my home and that was my only thought. I was a wild woman,” Mayer said.

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