Durban matrics talk about first exam

Durban matrics talk about first exam

Matrics in Durban have shared their thoughts about their first final exam which they sat down for this morning.

Northlands Pupils

They joined thousand others across the country and wrote English Paper One.

Newswatch spoke to some boys at Northwood High School - who have mixed feelings.

"The paper was harder than expected. I wish I had prepared more for it. Unfortunately, with time constraints, I only managed to prepare two days before," one pupil said.

"Today's paper was fantastic. I think I got a solid A. The main thing is to stay calm when you're writing exams and to study in advance - for instance, two weeks before and you will be sorted," said a confident learner. 

"It's English Paper I so it's always a bit irritating in that it is repetitive. Otherwise, it went well," another Northwood pupil added. 

"We've done a lot of exams in matric already. I'm quite prepared from the June exams and trials. I'm not the best academic student but I'll get through it," said one scholar.


We also visited Northlands High School and this is what the girls had to say.

"It's a relief knowing that we've started," said a Grade 12 learner.

"I felt like i did not have enough time. Perhaps, I should have paced myself and maybe not spent an entire hour on that comprehension," one of the matrics remarked. 

"I remember I was on Question Two and the one invigilator shouted out - we only have an hour left. That made me realise I had to pick up on my pace," added another. 

"Preparing for two papers, I felt was ridiculous because I'm leaving at 5pm but it's fine," a Northlands pupil said. 

The best advice I can give you is leave your phone and the TV in the lounge, make sure you're clam and relaxed and study hard," said the youngster.  

According to the Department of Education, KZN has the most registered full-time pupils writing the finals with 171 714 candidates this year. 

Northlands Pupils
Northlands Pupils

(Photos: Northlands Girls High School)

See messages of support posted on social media for the class of 2015 below. 

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