Durban man dies in France saving others

Durban man dies in France, saving others

A young Durban man, who was part of the French Foreign Legion, has died. 

Lorenzo Rodrigues

23-year-old Lorenzo Rodrigues is being hailed a hero, after he saved some of his fellow soldiers from drowning. 

The vessel they were on capsized during a rafting exercise last week. 

Rodrigues helped eight men to safety, and drowned when he returned to safe another. 

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Rodrigues, who matriculated from Durban High in 2011, joined the French Foreign Legion two years ago. 

He will receive a Military Funeral this week in Marseilles.

His mother, Elaine Rodrigues spoke to ECR Newswatch and says the family is devastated.

She says she was called by one of the mothers after the accident.

Rodrigues says helping others was part of his nature. 

Lorenzo Rodrigues
Photo: Supplied - Lorenzo Rodrigues, his wife and their young daughter.

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