Durban Magistrate's Court closed following suspected COVID-19 case

Durban Magistrate's Court closed following suspected COVID-19 case

The Durban Magistrate's Court has closed its doors until Wednesday as investigators look into a possible case of the coronavirus. 

Durban Magistrate's Court
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The Justice Department's Chrispin Phiri says the building is being decontaminated as a precaution.

Phiri says the case was reported on 1 May. 

"All other court staff and judicial officers who came into contact with the person have been identified and have undergone testing. They have also been requested to self-isolate."

Phiri says, in the meantime, all criminal matters will be heard in a municipal court across the road and everyone entering the building will be screened.

"With regards to new criminal matters, arrangements have been made and magistrates, prosecutors, interpreters and clerks of the court have been requested to attend to these matters at the various surrounding police stations which are usually served by this Magistrates' Court."

"It is important to stress that urgent domestic violence matters and applications for protection orders will also be attended to at the Municipal Court on Monday and Tuesday so the public can rest assured that these services will be available."

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