Durban joins #TheTotalShutdown against women, children abuse
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Durban joins #TheTotalShutdown against women, children abuse

A movement against femicide and violence against children is gaining momentum in the country - with a march planned for the beginning of next month in Durban and other major cities.

Women's march 2018
Photo by Tara McPherson

Ncumisa Ndelu, one of the organisers of #TheTotalShutdown, says it's a national campaign. 

She says the movement was formed by ordinary women who wanted to start a conversation.

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She says they now have 95 000 women on their social media group.

"Some women have just found an outlet to talk about what they have been through. The stories that they are sharing are horrifying. And to think that a human being can do that to another human being is quite scary. I think this movement is a safe space where women can vent," Ndelu said.  

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In Durban, the march will take place on the 1st of August from Curries Fountain to City Hall.

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