Durban expat in Sudan hopes to return home

Durban expat in Sudan hopes to return home

A Durban woman teaching in Khartoum says they are in constant fear as fighting between the army and paramilitary forces continues around them.

Danielle Boyle Sudan

Twenty-seven-year-old Danielle Boyle is living with two other South African teachers.

She says they've had no lights or water for the past few days.

Explosions and gunfire have been going off since the weekend, sparked by weeks of a power struggle between two generals who seized power in a 2021 coup.

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"It is very bad. The whole morning it's been going on. Sometimes it's quite, then it goes loud again and the Embassy are closed we just have to wait it out." 

Boyle says the clashes started on Saturday morning, but at the time, they didn't think much of it until they checked the news. 

"So far, what we can see from our apartment is just a whole lot of black smoke and on the news, we see the fighter jets, we hear the fighter jets from our apartments because we are 10 minutes from the airport. 

"The fight night we didn't get much sleep because it just kept going on and on. Myself and both my roommates are very scared but we are keeping faith that this will all end and we are able to come home soon." 

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Boyle says her boss has told her once things have died down, they'll be the first ones out.

The Department of International Relations says consular assistance is difficult to provide at the moment as most embassies are closed.

It's advising relatives to urge expats in Khartoum to stay indoors.

Around 200 people have been killed over the past four days and hundreds more injured.

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