Durban conference an opprtunity to share latest research in HIV prevention

Durban conference an opportunity to share latest research in HIV prevention

With two days to go before Durban hosts the International Aids Conference, the KZN Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV says the platform will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with international colleagues which will help to inform on best strategies in dealing with the virus.


Professor Thumbi Ndung'u says while tremendous progress has been made in terms of treatment, the conference will likely tackle the latest developments in HIV prevention and cure strategies as well as socio-economic interventions to mitigate the effect of HIV in vulnerable communities.

Ndung'u, who's based at the University of KwaZulu Natal, says they're interested in hearing from other institutions of higher learning saying they play a vital role in conducting research and providing evidence needed to inform policies.

"For example, trials for new drugs, new strategies for prevention of HIV, and new strategies for treatment. We should also expect there should be a lot of participation from young people - some of whom are doing very innovative work with regards to vaccine development, new ways of inducing immune response, and of treating people very early," he said. 

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