Durban chamber says city is losing reputation in business market

Durban chamber says city is losing reputation in business market

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry says businesses are counting heavy costs, after they were hit by a tornado of looters this week. 

A member of the Durban Metro Police looks at a looted retail store in central Durban, on July 11, 2021. Several shops are damaged and cars burnt in Durban, following a night of violence. Police are on the scene trying to control further protests. It is un

The chamber's Gladwin Malisha says aside from the damage, destruction and theft, thousands of jobs are at risk as the unrest drags on. 

He says the sporadic looting sprees are sending a bad picture to the world. 

"The potential for recovery is always there, whether it is the pandemic or these disruptions.

"But the worst thing is that we are losing day by day our reputation in the market mainly because we have got Mozambique that has the ports now, you have got Dar es Salaam and Namibia on the other side which they can use to transport any good to any our provinces or in the SADC region. So that is the risk we have." 

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Protests sparked by the jailing for former president Jacob Zuma spiralled into anarchy over the past few days. 

Zuma's legal team is seeking to have the Constitutional Court's contempt of court ruling against him set aside. Judgment's been reserved after a marathon hearing on Monday. 

Lawyer Dali Mpofu argued that his 79-year-old client was being punished for more than the disobedience of a court order. 

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi for the state capture inquiry said that Zuma knew exactly what the repercussions of his actions were and continued to act on them.

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