Discussions over Durban taxi strike underway

Discussions over Durban taxi strike underway

Taxi owners and drivers have gathered at the eThekwini Community Church in the Durban city centre to discuss a way forward on the second day of their strike.


Yesterday and this morning, thousands of Durban commuters were left stranded at taxi ranks, forcing them to find other ways of getting to work, school and home.

Taxi operators are protesting the municipality impounding of more than 200 of their vehicles on Sunday for not having proper route permits.

It is unclear at this stage whether eThekwini municipality officials and Department of Transport officials are also at the meeting.

South African National Taxi Council KwaZulu-Natal's Yusuf Khaliva says it is not all taxis that are not operating.

"At the moment we're still waiting for the municipality to respond to our request. So far, nothing has been done. The operators that are striking are not affecting the non-strikers, which means the non-strikers who took people to Durban will be able to take them back home this afternoon with no disturbance," he said. 

Members of the KZN Taxi Alliance are also part of the strike and are attending this afternoon's meeting.

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