De Ruyter refuses to name alleged corrupt minister

De Ruyter refuses to name alleged corrupt minister

Eskom's former CEO André de Ruyter says he cannot name the individuals allegedly involved in corrupt activities at the utility as these allegations now form part of an active investigation. 

Eskom's former CEO André de Ruyter SCOPA
YouTube: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

De Ruyter's appeared virtually before Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts on Wednesday. 


His appearance in Parliament comes after he made a number of explosive claims of criminality at Eskom against a high-level politician and the ANC during a TV interview. 


He told committee members that they may have to engage with law enforcement authorities on the sources he's relied on and the details of the allegations. 

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"In regard to the nature of the alleged criminal and unlawful activities, the sources that I have relied on to inform law enforcement and intelligence agencies have legitimate reasons to fear for their safety. I am therefore not able to divulge their identities." 


De Ruyter says the unlawful activities he highlighted are under investigation and are sensitive and complex.


"As these investigations are currently ongoing and having regard to the public nature of the proceedings at Scopa, I would not wish to be seen to be defeating the ends of justice by divulging information that may compromise the successful arrest and prosecution of individuals implicated in these activities." 

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