DA in KZN defends ‘heroes’ election poster in Phoenix

DA in KZN defends ‘heroes’ election poster in Phoenix

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu-Natal has defended its election posters in Phoenix, north of Durban. 

Democratic Alliance (DA)  heroes poster

The posters, containing the slogans ‘The ANC called you racists’ and ‘The DA calls you heroes’ has caused a political stir in the province. 

The DA claims the ANC branded the historically Indian community racist, while they celebrated them as the heroes of the July unrest in the province.

This after ANC leaders in KwaZulu-Natal lashed out at the posters, branding the DA as “politically shallow when it wants votes”.

KZN ANC spokesperson Nhlakanipho Ntombela believes the posters will only serve to divide communities. 

“We condemn the posters- we think they play on the race narrative at the expense of national unity of our people in the province. We think they play into the whelms of those who still want to preserve the interest of those who are in the minority at the expense of the majority. 

“That we never thought the DA, which purports to be a non-racial organisation, will stoop that low when there are even court processes pending regarding the same individuals they define as heroes.” 

Ntombela says the party will report the matter to the Independent Electoral Commission. 

But the DA's provincial chairperson Dean McPherson has moved to defend the posters.

“The DA in KZN rejects the hysterical statement from the ANC attacking our posters which were launched today (Tuesday) which simply says the ‘ANC called you racists, the DA calls you heroes’. This was in response to the ANC-sponsored looting, chaos and mayhem that engulfed the province and the city of eThekwini for nearly a week.

“The fact of the matter is that for the last three months, the ANC has looked to scapegoat its own failings by calling everybody that defenced their homes, communities and businesses racists while the DA believes that they are heroes as they stood in the bridge while law enforcement fell apart and retreated.

“We will continue to acknowledge those communities that stood up to the rule of law and that protected their rights.”


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