Curro issues apology following controversial art outcry

Curro issues apology following controversial art outcry

Independent school network, Curro, has apologised to those affected and offended by an art project by a matric pupil at Grantleigh High School in Richards Bay that has been described as 'dark' and 'demonic'.

Grantleigh High School

The artwork depicts Jesus Christ as a clown. It also features paper mache pieces of horned creatures made with pages from the bible.

Parent, Pastor Andrew Anderson filmed the exhibition. He described it as demonic and blasphemous and adds that it goes against the school's ethos.

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Some share his sentiments, but others disagree with him, arguing that the schoolboy has a right to artistic expression.

In a statement, Curro says the art project was compiled with the exam brief and Independent Examination Board standards. 

It also says its internal investigation has determined that the guidance offered to the learner didn't always adequately address the underlying issues, and potential implications of producing such a piece. 

Local artist, Nanda Soobben says while he doesn't condone how religion was used in the artwork, people need to try and make sense of it before critiquing the artist.

"I think the boy has to be asked what he thought before people can criticise. He probably has a problem which needs to be rectified." 

"He could be asking for help from Jesus Christ, but there's also some other things that are coming in and these things are very complex. We can't just judge him by looking at his art," he said. 

Management at the school says the video was taken and uploaded to social media without their consent, despite requests to not publicly display a learner’s final artwork as the project had to be understood within the context of the assigned theme.

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